If you want to win, fight with yourself
not with the others
- Verified «IRONMAN®» coach
- Actual PRO athlete
- Cyprus and Russian champion
- SBR88 Ironman Team Ambassador
- Professional experience in triathlon 13 years
- Coach experience 6 years
- Higher education — MIRBIS managment
- Languages: English, Russian
Personal best time on the Ironman 70.3 distance – 3:37:15 (IM 70.3 Bahrain)

Champion of Russia on the Ironman distance - Ironstar Sochi 8.22

Absolute winner of Ironstar Sochi 113 in 2019,
Ironstar Kazan 113 in 2017, Ironstar Samara 113 and Ironstar Zavidovo SuperMix in 2020, Ironstar Kaliningrad in 2021

Winner of the Russian Triathlon Cup in 2015

Double world championship participant

Olympic distance, multiple top 3

3rd in 2016 European Championship mixed relay

Multiple winner of Russian Championship sprint distance

Multiple winner of Russian duathlon Championship

2nd in 2017 European Championship mixed relay
  • Ekaterina Alekseeva
    Ironstar 113 Kaliningrad 2019 - 1 place absolute(4.46)
    IronMan Italy 2019 - 10.18
    I have been training with Aleksey since August 2018. I came to him at the moment when I "hit the wall" and the result stood in one place with a large amount of training work. From the very beginning, it was very comfortable to work with Alex, which I consider very important when choosing a coach. I like his literacy and understanding of the training process, his way of training allows you to combine serious training with full-time work, which is very important for amateur athletes who want high results.

    All workouts are very logical and it is clear why you are doing them. The coach monitors the performance and recovery of the athlete very much, which allows him to grow and avoid overtraining. The training plan is individual and always takes into account the current state, which is a huge plus compared to group training. For the first time, I completely trust the coach and follow all his instructions. In addition, I really like that Alex is very interested in the athlete, and not just money. He is very supportive before the start and always gives very practical advice and comments. I highly recommend Alex as a trainer! If you want high results for yourself and are ready to work, then you will definitely be interested. At the moment, thanks to Alex, I was able to improve the results at all distances and, accordingly, the result in general, and I feel that there is still a lot of potential.
  • Sergey Krohalev
    Debut Ironstar 113 Sochi 2019 - 5.38
    IM 70.3 Italy 2019 - 5.04
    Since January 2019 I have been training under the strict guidance of Aleksey.

    During this time, I did the Moscow half marathon, the "half" of the iron distance in Sochi and 1/4 in Zavidovo in the Moscow region.

    All races were "comfortable", without injuries, because the coach carefully summed up the load and exercises at each race. For me, this is perhaps the most important thing!

    It was rainy in Zavidovo and Aleksey even shared his equipment, because I don't have everything yet 😊.
    Since I do not sit still and often travel, it is important for me to be able to adjust the training schedule with this in mind - everything here is super.

    I am still new to triathlon and it is important to have qualified professional support. In this sense, I was lucky - Aleksey is always in touch, and even if he cannot answer at the moment, then he quickly calls back or answers messages.

    And, finally, Alexey is just a nice person, the right relations has developed, and it's just comfortable for me to train with him. His success in sports inspires and makes him work for the result with renewed vigor 💪
  • Maxim Petriuk
    Prepared from scratch and completed
    IM 70.3 Denmark and Frankfurt Marathon
    Aleksey was recommended by reliable people, they said I like everything that is right :)
    Choosing a coach is just as important as choosing a wife!

    1) Comfortable communication, positive
    2) Professionalism with an understanding of all processes: what we do, how we do it, why we do it, how we go, and to what result.

    When it seems to you that you know everything and understand everything, and then Aleksey shows you everything from a different angle - it's worth a lot. You don't waste time, you don't set the wrong tasks! Taking into account work, family, and lack of free time, organizing the training process in such a way - you need to really love what you do!

    And further:
    For a year, we carefully, smoothly, correctly prepared and made the "Half" of IronMan in Denmark, without previously doing it at all, and the way Aleksey experienced and rejoiced with me- It's WORTH IT.
    Now it's not only Sports and not only Hobbies, now it's a Lifestyle, where there is work and Family and Sports and Leisure!
    Thank you Aleksey, first of all, for your attitude to your work and for the positivity that you bring! :)
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