Start your journey to a fit body, good health and personal bests right now!

Training programs for
triathlon and running
Prices are for 1 month.
Individual training program with
constant supervision of a coach.
Individual training program
for self-fulfillment.
Why online trainings?
Nowadays online way of training became really effective and is suitable for most
of the sportsman.
  • Online trainings

    The coach creates and adjusts
    the training program in a special
    app in real time
  • Save money and time
    It is not necessary to spend time visiting trainings and pay for an expensive personal trainings
  • Feedback
    Trough the app coach sees and controls correct execution of all workouts
  • Any location
    You can train and be in touch with a coach anywhere in the world
What you need to get started
Medical test
Before starting the trainings, we need to get sure that they will not be harmful. Having done a general check-up and functional testing in a clinic, we will receive data for the correct construction of the training process.
Smart wathces
For example "Garmin", they get accurate data during and after the training, and also synchronize with an app.
Some eqipment
Sneakers, sportswear, access to training locations (e.g. fitness club, park, gym equipment at home), etc..
Aleksey Kalistratov
Project manager
Verified IRONMAN coach, pro triathlete and member of Swiss triathlon "Keforma team".

Champion of Russia on the Ironman distance. Double world championship participant, multiple winner and participant of Cup of Europe. Champion of Cyprus sprint and Olympic distances.
In my opinion, our difference is personal experience in achieving goals on the long distances, not fancy advertisement on the internet and social networks.
We have completed a long way and have studied all the subtleties of the profession.

Results and reviews of our sportsmen justify the methods we use, which are constantly upgrading.
Aleksey Kalistratov
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Clinic of Expert Medical Technologies is a modern clinic with a wide range of outpatient medical services.
Travel company number 1 in Russia.

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Neoros company was established for the development and production of high-tech equipment - optical transceivers, multiplexers and splitters
Triathlon Center - the only such center in Moscow for triathlon.
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