Use the unique features of the Ultimate,
which include:
  • 1
    - Workout program for each week, designed specifically for you, based on the results of functional testing and your goals
    - Daily monitoring of the implementation of the training plan
    - Ability to quickly adjust the plan as needed
    - Communication with the coach in case of any questions
    - Assistance in the selection of related specialists and equipment
    - Assistance in setting goals and strategies for the season
    - Usage of the Training peaks application
  • 2
    Sports doctor
    Sports medicine support, which includes:
    - Initial consultation to identify limiting factors and correct them
    - 2 online consultations per month up to 45 minutes
    - Online support, assistance in solving operational issues
    - Working with a coach, developing a sports nutrition plan for an athlete

    * The cost of an additional consultation is 60 euros.
    Online consultation includes: preparation, online call up to 45 minutes, accompanying letter.
  • 3
    Personal chat
    A personal chat will be created for you, including your coach, sports doctor and assistant. This will allow you to respond to questions that arise in the process as correctly and quickly as possible.
  • 4
    Personal workout
    Personal workout discount 25%